Setting up shop

MELBOURNE, Fla. - After a little bit of a bumpy flight and a 55 minute wait in line to get my rental car, I’m all set up in my hotel room and ready for spring training to get going.

I’ve traded in my winter coat for a pair of sunglasses, and my freezing cold hands for a sweaty back.

Space_Coast_Stadium.jpgToo much information? Yeah, I figured as much. Sorry about that.

I made a point to swing by the Nationals’ spring facilities at Space Coast Stadium in Viera before getting settled at my hotel, but the place was a ghost town by the time I arrived at around 3:30 p.m. A couple team employees were the only ones in sight.

During the early stages of spring training, players take part in a morning workout and then usually can head out around early afternoon. I had a feeling I wouldn’t spot anyone on the fields when I pulled in, but I figured I’d give it a shot anyway.

Some years, a host of pitchers, catchers and position players that are recovering from injuries report to camp a handful of days early to get in some extra work. I’ve heard that there isn’t a large player turnout so far, but a number of guys are expected to arrive tomorrow in advance of Tuesday’s official report date for Nationals pitchers and catchers.

Since I don’t really have much of substance to pass along just yet, I figured I’d include a picture in this entry to get everyone pumped for what’s to come.

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The fun stuff is almost upon us.

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