Ramos discusses his hot streak and his heavy workload

Wilson Ramos is on a tear right now, and while he might be pretty tired after catching 23 straight games - the most of any catcher in the majors this season - he has no interest in resting right now.

Ramos has five homers and 15 RBIs in his last eight games, and with the Braves coming in to town, the Nationals will need him in there.

Here’s a sampling of Ramos’ postgame session with reporters after today’s 11-2 win over the Phillies:

On feeling like this was his best game as a major leaguer: In 2011, I hit 15 homers and bring 52 runners in. This year, I have 15 homers already and 55 RBI, more than in 2011 season. So I’m happy for that. And I broke a record today, and that makes me excited.

On whether this stretch has made him wonder what he can do over a full season if he stays healthy: I believe in what I can do, and I know I get two injuries and I lose 2 1/2 months. But I know if I stay healthy all year I can do a better job than what I’m doing right now. The season is not over yet. We’ve got a couple more games left and hopefully we’ve got more games coming. I want to keep doing my job.

On when he plans to ask for a day off: I don’t know yet. We’ve got a pretty good series starting tomorrow against the Braves. We have to keep fighting. We’re in the race for the wild card, and I want to keep helping the team to win games. I lost, last year, the opportunity to play in the playoffs because I had knee surgery, and this year I want to help the team to make the playoffs and enjoy that moment.

On if it’s important to show that he can handle a heavy workload: Yeah, I know, that was very important for me because coming from the knee surgery, that’s a good test for my knee, for myself, to show everybody I can play everyday, I can play a lot of games. And you know, it feels good right now, little tired, but I need to rest and if I rest, I can be behind the plate for more games in a row.

On missing time earlier this season: I know, that was a hard thing for me when I pulled my hamstring twice, but I never put my head down. I stayed working all the time and for me, I know I can help this team to win a lot of games, especially behind the plate. I can call a good game, I believe in what I can do behind the plate. Every day, I work on my swing too, but the most important thing for me is calling a good game and working hard behind the plate.

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