Some of this, some of that

Well, we have our World Series pairing.

It’ll be a rematch of the 2004 World Series, as the Cardinals will face the Red Sox, both of whom have advanced after winning their respective League Championship Series in six games.

Two big swings propelled the Red Sox to their ALCS win - David Ortiz’s grand slam into the bullpen in Game 2 and Shane Victorino’s Green Monster grand slam last night in Game 6.

Boston got average starting pitching, a mediocre offensive effort and tremendous work out of their bullpen. But those two swings did enough to push them to the Fall Classic.

Now they’ll face a Cardinals team that has gotten some tremendous starting pitching this postseason and has a few clutch hitters of their own.

Should be an exciting and compelling World Series.

ESPN’s Buster Olney had an interesting column yesterday, writing that major league officials from various teams expect the topic of banning home plate collisions to be posed again this winter.

Olney quotes one team official as saying, “At this point, I don’t know who would argue to keep it, or what their argument would be. There is no reasoned argument to keep it (in the game).”

Personally, I happen to agree.

I don’t really see much point in allowing home plate collisions at this point. Players keep getting injured, meaning money keeps getting wasted. That won’t please managers and it won’t please owners.

This isn’t like fighting in hockey where there’s a passionate contingent of people who want to keep it in the game.

I think most people at this point realize that collisions at the plate aren’t necessary, and if catchers allow a window to the plate for oncoming runners, they can be fairly easily avoided.

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