Final note plus Day 2 photo gallery

VIERA, Fla. - I’ve got one quick final note to pass along from today, since I shared quotes from Matt Williams yesterday about how detail-oriented he can tend to be.

A couple of hours ago, well after today’s workout had ended and players had gone home, Williams and new third base coach Bobby Henley emerged from the Nationals clubhouse and made their way up to the corner of the home dugout nearest home plate.

Henley then trotted out to the third base coach’s box, and he and Williams practiced giving and receiving signs. In an empty minor league stadium. On Feb. 16.

Why they couldn’t have practiced these signs while sitting across a table from each other or next to each other on a sofa, I have no idea. But I found it pretty interesting, and plan to ask Williams tomorrow why the heck he wanted to do that on the field.

Here is your photo gallery from today’s workout. Be sure to view and enjoy all the photos, because it took me about 45 minutes to edit all these things and place them in the entry.

Jordan Zimmermann and Stephen Strasburg getting in their bullpens. These guys are OK, I guess.
This is Ross Detwiler. You’ll have to trust me on that, since he’s hiding his face from you.
Detwiler taking part in bunting drills with Zimmermann and Tanner Roark. They tried to bunt the ball into the bag.
Craig Stammen and a handful of non-roster invitees throw, with Livan Hernandez watching on
Here’s your first look at new Nats lefty Jerry Blevins
Wilson Ramos blocking a pitch in the dirt during drills. Nice form, Wilson.
Here’s the drone with the GoPro camera in it that the Nats production staff used today. Cool stuff.
Anthony Rendon’s hair is starting to become a mullet again
Hitting coach Rick Schu watches one of his pupils ... with his pupils. That was terrible. I’m sorry.
Ian Desmond takes BP wearing fake-stirrup socks
Matt Williams throwing BP. I wonder how many big league managers do that.

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