Williams on Fister’s strong outing and another offensive explosion in 10-2 win

We’ve gone from a seven-game stretch where the Nationals scored just 19 total runs and left 64 runners on base to a two-game stretch where the Nats have put up 19 runs and seemingly everyone that reached base came around to score.

Baseball is a funky game sometimes, isn’t it?

The Nats have moved past their offensive slide that lasted for a good portion of May by pounding the ball all around the ballpark in the first two games of this series against the Rangers, and today, they had five extra-base hits, four homers and cruised to a 10-2 win.

Doug Fister didn’t need much support today, but he got a whole lot. Fister allowed just two runs on four hits over six innings, striking out six and walking one.

Here’s manager Matt Williams after the win:

On how Fister looked today: “He was good. Had a really good gameplan. Kind of sat with the position players yesterday and went over it. He has some experience against these guys that the rest of our guys don’t potentially have, so he wanted to sit with them and talk to them about it. But he had a really good gameplan of how to attack ‘em. Hung a curveball to (Mitch) Moreland, but other than that, he was pretty good.”

On what Fister discussed with the position players: “He just wanted to give them a sense of what he was going to try to do to them because he’s got experience against them. So, yeah, it’s typical stuff, but he made a point of sitting with them and talking about it.”

On whether these last four Fister starts are emblematic of the type of pitcher he is: “Sure. I think that he’s got the ability to work quickly, which certainly helps your defense. They expect the ball to be put in play. And he throws strikes with all of his pitches. The radar gun doesn’t light up, but he puts it where he wants to and he’s got a good gameplan going out there. He’s an athlete, so he can do a lot of things on the baseball diamond to help himself, too. So all of that is really good for us.”

On the bats coming alive the last two days and if there’s anything to that: “The approach hasn’t changed. Anthony (Rendon) got a couple of bloop base hits in the last couple of days, and sometimes, that helps you get going. (Jayson Werth has) had a couple of hits and hit with guys in scoring position today. (Nate McLouth is) looking good. (Danny Espinosa is) looking good. Desi (Ian Desmond) had the big three-run homer yesterday. (Denard Span is) stinging the baseball everywhere. So sometimes they fall, sometimes they don’t, but you’ve got to keep swinging them and keep hitting them, and eventually, they will.”

On if he buys into the theory that hitting is contagious within a team: “I buy in, because I’ve stood in that box a few times. I think it’s more relaxation than anything. So they all read, they all listen. And all that’s been talked about over the last week, week-plus, when we get into a situation and it’s not happening, everybody tries to do a little more. And that’s natural, that’s human nature. When you jump out early, it can relax guys, or you get the big three-run homer from Desi yesterday, that can relax players. Once they relax, their true talents come out. So I think that’s all it is.”

On having a chance to go for the sweep tomorrow for the first time in a while: “Yeah, we have a chance. Pretty tough pitcher against us tomorrow (Yu Darvish), so we’ll have to do what we’ve done in the last couple of days against a really tough guy. But we don’t get too far. We don’t get that far until tomorrow. Tomorrow’s game’s most important. We’ll enjoy this one, we’ve got a great function tonight. We’ll have some fun there and come ready to play tomorrow.”

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