Werth day-to-day after spraining right ankle

MIAMI - Jayson Werth wasn’t out on the field or in the dugout for the end of the Nationals’ 7-6 loss to the Marlins.

A sprained right ankle suffered in the top of the seventh inning when Werth tried to stretch a single into a double knocked Werth from the game, but the Nats’ right fielder doesn’t expect the injury to be anything serious.

He will, however, have to see how he feels Tuesday morning before knowing whether he’ll be able to get back into the lineup for the second game of this three-game set against the Marlins.
“I won’t know until I wake up tomorrow,” Werth said. “It’ll probably be a little sore. I think I’m going to try to play. I expect to play. I also expect that it could be sore. Not too bad. I sprained it a number of times.

“It’s one of those things that the first time you sprain your ankle it’s the worst. When you’re into the twenties, you’re a little bit better off. A little scary. Awkward. I wasn’t sure at first. It wasn’t feeling a whole lot better right away. Matt (Williams) wanted to get me out of there to get some ice on it so I’m available tomorrow.”

Werth hit a ball into the right field corner leading off the seventh, and knew out of the box he was going to try for two.

Miami right fielder Giancarlo Stanton cut the ball off and delivered a strong throw to second, beating Werth to the bag. Werth tried to avoid the tag by moving towards the inside of the base, but his foot got caught up in the dirt and he fell awkwardly to the ground.

It looked like it might have been Werth’s left ankle that was the issue, but he said it was the right. He got treatment during and after the game, and will hope for the best overnight.

“Ankles are kinda funny,” Werth said. “You can feel okay and once they start swelling up they can be pretty bad. In that situation there, situation of the game and situation of the season, I think Matt didn’t want to take a chance. Get some ice on it. Keep the swelling down and see where we’re at in the morning.”

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