Williams after the Nats’ 13-inning walk-off win

It took nearly five hours and 13 innings, but the Nationals earned a series win over the Mets.

Bryce Harper’s two-run walk-off homer gave the Nats a 5-3 win over the Mets.

The bullpen pitched 6 2/3 innings scoreless innings, highlighted by three scoreless frames from Craig Stammen.

On Harper’s two-run, game-winning homer: “That was a good swing. He had a couple of good ones today. It’s coming. I’m happy for him, happy for our guys they battled. It’s even better that (Harper’s) staying through the ball, that he’s seeing it, letting it get deep, waiting. That’s a good sign. He had a lot of opportunities, it didn’t happen, but that one was really good. He stayed on that ball really well.”

stammen-follow-through-white-front-sidebar.jpgOn the performance of the bullpen: “It’s one of those games where you have to do it. You have to try to win. Eighth, ninth inning you put your guys in there to try to get you back in the dugout to get another swing at it. There were some chances there. But, yeah, we just have to do it. Stammen pitched really well. Very valuable to have a guy like him run you through some innings, and keep them where you’re at. That’s good.”

On Stammen’s three scoreless innings: “Of course he’s better with regular work. That’s certainly not regular work. When he pitches more, he’s got a better feel for the strike zone and his sinker sinks, so it’s good for him. He pitched really well.”

On the state of the bullpen heading into the series with the Braves: “We have a very important game tomorrow against a very good team. We’ll try to win that one. As we’ve said all year long, when that one’s over, it’s over. Good, better, indifferent we have to play the next day too. We don’t have an off day until the 11th. We need to keep grinding, keeping going.

It was important to win this game, so we’ll have to deal with it going forward. We have to just keep going. There’s no choice but to play tomorrow. We have to play well if we’re going to beat them.”

Williams issued an apology to the media one day after a tiff over a question: “One last thing, I didn’t sleep much last night. So I just wanted to apologize to the members of the press for my actions yesterday. I get passionate about these guys and their success and our wins and losses. My tact wasn’t real good. From me to you, I apologize for that. I’ll be better for now on.”

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