Williams discusses Nats’ first loss in 11 games

It couldn’t go on forever.

The Nationals’ winning streak ends at 10 after a 10-3 loss to the Giants tonight. There would be no dramatic late comeback or a walk-off finish in this one.

Doug Fister allowed four runs over six innings and Tim Hudson limited the Nats to two runs (one earned) over 5 1/3 innings.

The Giants went 5-for-8 with runners in scoring position and hit two homers, including a three-run shot by rookie Joe Panik.

This marked the first time since June 15 that Fister had allowed more than three runs in an outing or given up two homers in an outing.

Here’s manager Matt Williams after the loss:

On Fister: “Just infield single, kind of over the mound that Asdrubal tried to get. And then he got in a situation with guys on first and second, and Panik hit the first pitch. I haven’t looked at the pitch yet, so I don’t know where it was, but he hit a homer. That kind of got them rolling, and then of course Posey hit one too. Just one of those days. Kind of a clunker all around. See if we can get them tomorrow.”

On if this underscores just how good Fister has been, that this was a quote-unquote subpar outing from him: “Yeah, it’s not a bad start. They took two really good swings and that gave them their four runs. But nobody is going to be good every single time. And I’m sure if you ask him, he wasn’t as crisp as he’d like to be. But he battled.”

jerry-blevins-throws-red.jpgOn trying to get two innings out of Jerry Blevins tonight: “It’s a function of where we’re at, too, in the back. Matt Thornton’s been up heavy and been in a lot of games. Jerry got through the first two hitters of that inning and then things kind of unraveled there. But he’s facing all lefties and we feel confident in him to do that. Didn’t work tonight. First inning was good, second inning kind of unraveled with two outs.”

On what his takeaways were from the 10-game winning streak: “Just that they battle and they play hard. I’m proud of them for that, and we’ll see if we can start another one tomorrow. But those don’t come around very often. It’s pretty rare to see 10 in a row, but we’ve got to get back to work tomorrow and see if we can start another one.”

On whether it felt any different walking out of the dugout tonight after the loss: “No. It’s one of those games. You play so many of them, we talked about during the 10 games not getting too high or too low, it’s the same tonight. We’ve got another one to play tomorrow. ... It’s been a hectic week, so we’ll hope to start another one at 4 o’clock tomorrow and see what we can do.”

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