Covering the Bases with Matt Wieters

Each Thursday, MASN airs a new “Covering the Bases” segment with a different Oriole during that night’s game. Throughout the game, fans get to peek inside the childhoods, early baseball days, and adolescent years of their favorite Birds courtesy of baby photos, stories from coaches and anecdotes from family members and friends.

Tonight, MASN is Covering the Bases with still new Oriole catcher Matt Wieters.

Before MASN really breaks it all down for you tonight during the O’s broadcast, here are a few fun facts and a pair of photos of Wieters as a kid to get you started.

    Matt Wieters_Covering-the-Bases_1.jpg

  • Birthday is May 21, 1986
  • Originally from Charleston, SC

  • High School Baseball Coach was John Chalus

  • Majored in Business Management at Georgia Tech

  • Served as GT’s primary closer for his first two seasons

  • Resides in Goose Creek, SC

  • Wife’s name is Maria
  • Favorite Sports Team is the Dallas Cowboys
  • “If I wasn’t playing baseball I’d be...Coaching”
  • His favorite Place He’s Been to Outside of the US is Japan
  • The Retired Player He Wishes He Could Have Played Against is Greg Maddux

Matt Wieters_Covering-the-Bases_2.jpg

Trivia Question: Wieters was one of just three players in Georgia Tech history to earn first-team All-America honors twice, joining the company of what two Major Leaguers?

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