Reacting to the Huff trade

Whether you have a thousand followers or you don’t even know what a “Tweet” is, enough people have made Twitter the place to share news, info, and opinions, and the Aubrey Huff trade is no exception.

In asking for reactions from Orioles fans, Twitter allowed me to poll opinions from fans well beyond the ballpark, and the following are a few of the responses O’s fans gave:


terporiolefan: “love the move! It allows us to plan for the future now by trying Scott at 1B, which will help increase his value!”

MrWhiteDevil: “Great deal for both sides. Wigginton &Scott’s role will increase at 1B. Huff can help the contending Tigers as a power LH bat”

zackpund: “Can see why we got rid of the contract since he’ll be an FA at season end, but for a single A prospect, that’s it? Seems 2 cheap”

29housesquirrel: “I love how the Orioles send away all of the good players who can actually PLAY and get some unheard of minor league “prospects”

KyleMurph: “The Orioles just traded one of our best hitters for a class A pitcher. The fact is we should have gotten much more for Huff”

Additional Responses:

heathirmarie: I hope Detroit has a nice club scene for Huff... Seriously, great trade! Another good move for McPhail. Just makes sense.

camdencrazies: The O’s needed between nothing & a C+/C prospect to win the trade. They got a B-/C+ prospect. Nice.

staceyMlong: O’s fans calling Huff great this year are crazy. Huff is awful in ‘09! OPS+ of 87 and WAR of -0.4. The trade was a good one!

(More unique responses to come later as they filter in...)

Agree? Disagree? Use the comment box below or click here to hop back on Twitter and let fellow fans know how you feel.

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