Calling all junior broadcasters

Know a little O’s fan with big dreams of broadcasting the games from the booth? Don’t miss the ESPN Zone’s Junior Broadcaster competition tonight at 6 p.m.


In two rounds of competition, the young broadcaster hopefuls will sit at a set at the ESPN Zone and call the play-by-play for an Orioles highlight of their choosing.

Contestants will be able to either read from an original broadcaster’s play-by-play transcript or provide commentary of their own.

After the judges, including O’s broadcasters Tom Davis and Jim Hunter, select the best of the best from round one, the finalists will each take a turn at yet another play-by-play call.

Following round two, four winners will be chosen from among the finalists, and the promising young broadcasters will win VIP tours of the broadcast booth at an upcoming O’s game. Last year’s winner even got to call an at-bat live on the air!

Other prizes, including tickets to see an Orioles game at Camden Yards, will also be awarded.

To enter, the child’s parent should call (410) 685-3776 ext. 223 and leave a message with the parent’s name and phone number and the contestant’s first name and age on the voice mailbox. Contestants will then receive a response to confirm their entry.

Even if you don’t know any youngsters with dreams of the broadcast booth, feel free to head to the ESPN Zone anyway just to check out the competition and see what the future of the O’s broadcasts might look like!

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