What’s your all-time Orioles line-up?

Imagine the ultimate all-time Orioles line-up.

Include new guys, former players, and Oriole greats and you’d have a pretty formidable line-up, wouldn’t you say? Cal-Ripken-Jr.jpgIn fact, you’ve probably already done this with your friends. Sitting around, talking O’s baseball, you put together the all-time O’s team. Well now’s your chance to put it on paper.

Orioles.com is asking fans to submit their dream line-up from Orioles franchise history. Click here to vote for the “best single-season hitting performances by position in Orioles franchise history.”

Just think about the possibilities.

Brian Roberts or Roberto Alomar? (Or Delino DeShields, Bobby Grich, or Marty McManus?)

Cal Ripken Jr. or Miguel Tejada? (Or Luis Aparicio or Vern Stephens?)

Does anyone come close to Brooks or Baines? Maybe. It’s harder than you think when you sit down to narrow things down.

It’s a tough ballot of choices, but a fun one for sure. Don’t miss the chance to cast your vote and feel free to share your thoughts and debate the issue here using the comment box below--In fact, if you want to take it one step further, how many O’s would make it on an MLB all-time roster?

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