Celebrities at the World Series and an O's WS question

First things first - a fair warning: this post obviously isn't 100% focused on the Orioles. Although, we all probably enjoy the idea of one day tracking celebrities at an O's-(Insert opponent of choice here) World Series--if O's fans will even be able to think about anything else when that day arrives!

So this might be a little bit of a non-Orioles Buzz entry, but it's still fun to see who from the realm of stardom has made an appearance so far at this year's World Series.

Check out The Sun's photo gallery of Celebrities at the World Series.

Of course Kate Hudson has been there for A-Rod. Yogi Berra made an appearance on the same night as Jill Biden and Michelle Obama. A handful of hockey players have hit up Games 1 and 2. And a cast list of actors and actresses have made their way to the World Series as well.

I posed the question on Twitter: As an Orioles fan, who do you root for in a Phillies-Yankees World Series? The response was overwhelmingly, "Anyone but the Yankees," so I think Philadelphia won a little extra support the minute they came up against New York. Unfortunately, I think the general leaning is still also toward a Yankees victory...

It's too bad the Orioles can't face the Yankees in the Series because a win over the Yanks might be the ultimate scenario; that said, who would you most like to see the O's face in the Fall Classic one day (hopefully) soon?

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