Miscellaneous Matusz (Updated with answers)

With a long offseason ahead, Brian Matusz's presence on the mound isn't a huge question mark after a pretty successful first season in the big leagues.

But below are a few questions related to the O's young southpaw that might surprise or even stump you.

See if you can figure out any of the following from Matusz's Q&A at the ESPN Zone back in September of the 2009 season.

Matusz's favorite ballplayer growing up was...?

The mascot at Matusz's University of San Diego is a Torero, which is a...?

The first major league team to draft Matusz was...?

Matusz made his professional debut with the...?

Matusz considers his greatest strength as a pitcher to be...?

Favorite Player: Mark Grace (because of growing up watching the Cubs on WGN at home)

Mascot: A Torero is a Spanish Bullfighter

First Team to Draft Matusz: Angels

Professional Debut: Surprise Rafters of the Arizona Fall League

Greatest Strength: "Getting ahead in the count, mixing things up, and using all four of my pitches to keep hitters off balance."

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