Adam Jones on the New Year

The list of professional athletes with Twitter accounts continues to grow as fast as ESPN can quote them; but still only one Oriole has ventured down the Twitter road, and who might you expect more than the young, outgoing Adam Jones.

On the verge of a new year, the approachable Adam Jones took a few minutes to answer a quick handful of questions via, you guessed it, Twitter.

Here’s what he had to say in 140 characters or less...

First, how has the offseason been treating you?
@THE_ADAM_JONES: “the offseason has really been eventful. went on vaca and just been traveling and working out. ready to get bck on the field.”

(Follow Up: Where on vacation?) Adam-Jones_Twitter-Photo.jpgAnd the New Year’s not far away - any New Year’s traditions? Where will you be when the ball drops?
@THE_ADAM_JONES: “was in hawaii and went to new york. and daygo. but i just hope for the best outta myself and everyone in the new year” | “and imma be in daygo chillin.”

You’re an outgoing guy - What’s the craziest thing about yourself that you’d be willing to reveal to O’s fans?
@THE_ADAM_JONES: “hmmmmm crazy things. let me think about that. gotta be careful what i say cause @mzg0dfrey will be on my ass if i slip up.” | “im just really a laid back body. but imma huge astronomy freak. love learning and watching the history channel.”

Fair enough-How about 3 favorites: Restaurant in Baltimore; Thing to do after a game; and Part of Camden Yards?
@THE_ADAM_JONES: “restaurant ruth chris. what i do after is go back to the pad and relax some. and i love just walking onto that field.”

It’s Hot Stove season and deals and rumors continue to fly-What one player would you love to (realistically) see in the Orange and Black?
@THE_ADAM_JONES: “lol u went there I see. I really dont know. I just want someone who wants to be here and contribute to a growing team.”

Last one - You’ve been more than generous - Any chance we might see some of your teammates join you on Twitter in 2010?
@THE_ADAM_JONES: “the Twitter thing is up to them. Like u said. I am very out going. And I think it’s coo.”

Thanks to Adam Jones for taking the time out for the Orioles Buzz. Best wishes for good people like Jones in the New Year. Have a happy one everyone and see you in 2010.

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