Where in the Yard? (Updated w/ Answer)

Last week, for the first Where in the Yard, we took a look at the right-handed glove on the Babe Ruth Statue that shares the space between the Sports Legends Museum and Gate H of Camden Yards with the retired numbers of Oriole greats.

Check out the image for round two below and let me know where you think I’ve taken you this week. There’s no bonus this time around and we’ll see how you do before considering any clues.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to send in a guess last week - there were a few who asked for an easier one, and a couple of you didn’t find Babe’s glove hard enough, so thanks for your feedback as well. Keep it coming and Good Luck this week...

Clue: Would it help if I told you there are two of them?


Update: Jeremy from Cumberland, Lindsay, Chris, Amy and Heathir scored double points for guessing it without the hint.

Lauren and @LegendCB5 have also joined the group who know where we are in the Yard since the hint was posted earlier today.

Answer: This week’s image was harder than the initial Where in the Yard photo we started with last week. But, we did have just over half a dozen O’s fans who recognized the stained glass windows on the Eutaw Street doors to the Bud Light Warehouse Bar.

Congrats to those of you who got a tough one - In the meantime, in the spirit of starting the New Year off on a high note, I’ll look for something a little more recognizable for this coming Monday...Keep your suggestions coming and have a Happy New Year!

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