Where in the Yard? (Updated)

How many times do you think you’ve seen Camden Yards? I’d bet I’ve seen Oriole Park at least a thousand times - but my appreciation for it never seems to lessen. Sometimes I take in the same old places; sometimes I notice something new; but I’d be so bold as to say I could recognize quite a few of the details in my back Yard. Can you?

Think of this entry as a trial run for a new weekly feature line in the Orioles Buzz. Take a peek at the picture below, and see if you can figure out where we are in the Yard?


*Bonus: Once you know what the item in the photo is, double points for anyone who can tell me what’s wrong with it as well.

Finally, is the photo above too easy or too hard? Let me know if I’ve insulted your fandom or if I stumped you on the first one and I’ll do my best to post a better on next time. But if enough of you chime in, we might be able to work out a prize for the person with the most correct answers at the end of each month. Good luck!

Update: Mark Church, Lauren, Matt Taylor, Chris, Andy, Heathir , Arman Tamzarian, Kevin, Christian, Big John, Olney Ogre, Steve Trust, Moonlight Drive, Bill Kennedy, and The Mythical One have it via their (now published) comments on MASNsports.com, and DashTreyhorn, ortrader, numberone_osfan, and sportsdanny have it via Twitter.

And so far Lauren, Matt Taylor, Andy, Heathir, numberone_osfan, Arman, Kevin, Christian, Big John, Olney Ogre, Steve Trust, sportsdanny, Moonlight Drive, Bill Kennedy, and The Mythical One have all scored double points for nailing the bonus too!

Answer: The item in the photo above is in fact a close cropped shot of the glove from the Babe Ruth statue that stands between Gate H to Oriole Park and the Sports Legends Museum. Those of you who also noted that the statue depicts Babe with a right-handed glove, when he was in fact a lefty, also scored the bonus.

Thanks for taking a stab at the first photo for ‘Where in the Yard?’ - I have my own tally going, but keep score for yourself as well, as you check back next week for another detail up for identification from Oriole Park!

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