ONEderful Wishes

Of all the Orioles' efforts in the community, Brian Roberts' work with the University of Maryland hospital for children is one of the most well known.

Though B-Rob sometimes prefers to keep the specifics of his visits to the hospital out of the limelight, ONEderful-Wishes.jpg he's always looking for ways to make an impact, and there's no bigger example than his annual Baseball Bash.

But this time, Roberts is looking to make a difference for those kids beyond his late summer Baseball Bash and the typical generosity found around the holidays.

ONEderful Wishes, Roberts' latest effort to help children at the UMCH, is a gift registry program through Toys'R'Us, where supporters can purchase toys for children undergoing treatment at the Children's Hospital in an effort to keep their spirits up.

"Even with the wonderful staff at the UMCH, long stays at the hospital for the kids can drag on," Roberts said on his website. "Diana and I have seen firsthand how big a difference receiving a gift can make for a child in the hospital.

"Knowing that someone is thinking of you and reaching out to cheer you up is a huge blessing of encouragement, especially during the course of treatments. Giving gifts that can keep them busy or entertained, or even gifts just for them to hug can brighten their day and keep their spirits up."

Visit the registry to purchase a gift for a patient at the Children's Hospital and help B-Rob and Diana remind the kids at the UMCH that they aren't alone when O's fans are around to support them though the community efforts of a favorite Oriole.

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