Where in the Yard? (Updated w/ Answer)

This week marks the fourth round of the O's Buzz photo feature 'Where in the Yard?' and more than a few of you are showing just how well you know your very own Camden Yards. We'll really find out how well you're doing when we post a few standings here in the O's Buzz following next week's photo challenge.

But in Week 4, I'm predicting that there might be a wide range of guesses, as the old cartoon Bird has nested in various places around the Yard. If your guesses are all over Oriole Park, I'll give you a hint along the way to direct your efforts toward the roost where this particular batting Bird stands ever ready to hit one out of the park.


Good Luck, and don't forget to keep your feedback coming if you have an idea to add to the weekly 'Where in the Yard?'

Update: Jeremy from Cumberland and Brandt (O's Fan) have it already without any hints. Nice work to the two of them. (And to John W. who asked if he could guess again after the hint - Yep. You can guess as many times as you need until you see the signal here that you guessed right.)

Now who else thinks this Bird looks familiar?

Updated Again: Ortrader, LegendCB5, and John W. also have it. (And thanks John, glad you're enjoying it!)

Hint: You won't need to clean your Plate at this Bird's place, but you will feel at Home with the Orioles...

Hint: From where this Bird sits, he can watch the kids play in the Yard...

Lauren also figured it out after some admirable perseverance, and Marc, I wasn't exactly sure where you were referring to - Were you describing the Bird hanging over the breezeway? (Be honest!)

Answer: This particular cartoon Bird is one of two, which frame the "Home of the Orioles" sign that hangs over the breezway that takes you under the Warehouse near Gate A.


Looks like a stumped quite a few of you this week, but I hope you still enjoyed taking a look and hazarding a guess or two. Next week's won't be as tricky...

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