Where in the Yard? (Updated w/ Answer)

It’s officially a new year for Orioles baseball, but the slates haven’t been wiped clean here in the Orioles Buzz. We’re already two weeks into the new weekly feature, ‘Where in the Yard?’ and a few of you are two-for-two.

Whether this will be your first attempt or you’ve been here before, add another to your tally by guessing where the photo below was taken in or around Oriole Park at Camden Yards.


Want to know where you rank with other fans? Check back to the Orioles Buzz following the fifth ‘Where in the Yard?’ for standings where you can see how you stack up with fellow O’s fans. Good Luck Birdland!

Update: Congrats to Brandt (O’s Fan), Pat Rochowiak, Lauren, John W., bedman, TC, Chris Stallings, Lindsay, terporiolefan, Jeremy from Cumberland, Orioles Magic, Amy, Corey, Heathir, JoAnna Mulgrew, Brenda Mills, Charles, Josh, and Matt who have it so far...

Answer: In this week’s ‘Where in the Yard?’ challenge, a lot of you recognized the Orioles Hall of Fame wall near the Gate H end of Eutaw Street.

Either I lobbed you a softball to start off the new year, or you guys (and girls) deserve some real credit for your dedication to the Birds and Oriole Park - If previous experience with your O’s knowledge is any indication, I’m inclined to believe it’s the latter.

Thanks for your continual support of the O’s and for taking the time to submit another guess to the latest ‘Where in the Yard?’ only here in the Orioles Buzz.

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