Where in the Yard? (Updated w/Answer)

Did you survive the snow?

I hope so - and if you didn’t get any snow over the last few days, there are crowds of us who are jealous of you right now. How many days until the O’s report to Sarasota? Then we can at least “think warm” and remember what sunlight looks like...

But in the meantime, buckets of snow can’t stop your walks down memory lane as you look to identify the item in the photo below for another ‘Where in the Yard?’ here in the Orioles Buzz.

Good Luck and stay warm until spring training starts next week - yes, next week!


Update: Lindsay, bedman, Jeremy from Cumberland, Lauren, Bob St, Jeff in York and Heathir all have it so far.

Tim Morris also has it now too, along with John W.

Nice work O’s fans!

Hint: Since we’re snowed in yet again - or at least I am - and we’ve all been shoveling snow and scraping our cars all week - or at least I have - I figure I’ll give you most of today to take a guess at this week’s ‘Where in the Yard?’ But in case the snow-imposed isolation from the outside world has fried your brain, here’s a hint...

When I was a kid, we used to pass the time between batting practice and the first pitch by loading up a couple of cardboard trays with sausages, hot dogs, chicken fingers and french fries and playing “name that Oriole” with the huge photos hanging on the walls at this spot in the Yard.

Answer: This week we met for a bite to eat in the Pastimes Cafe on the far end of Eutaw Street. Great job to all of you who figured it out. Do you frequent Pastimes during your visits to the Yard, or do you have another must-stop somewhere else in the ballpark? As I mentioned in the hint, this particular spot was a favorite of my family’s when we made trips to Camden Yards...

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