Fantasy Baseball w/ MASN & the Orioles Buzz

Camden Yards is buzzing with the finishing touches of offseason maintenance; Nicole Sherry’s grounds crew are busy on the field, where the red clay has returned to the infield and crisp lines are visible in the Kentucky Blue Grass again; O’s Productions has been testing the sound system throughout the ballpark; spring training is already five weeks old; and the Opening Day countdown has broken the two-week barrier.

If all of that doesn’t tell you baseball season is practically here, MASN launched its Fantasy Baseball Game today with the promise of 26 weeks of competition and some great prizes throughout 2010.


MASN Fantasy Baseball is free to join and allows you to compete week-to-week with fellow baseball fans for weekly MASN prize packs and 10 overall grand prizes (5 O’s and 5 Nats), including lunch with Orioles manager Dave Trembley or Nats manager Jim Riggleman, depending on who you’re rooting for this season.

Once you register, you’ll be able to draft your team of 12 from all of Major League Baseball, with a virtual salary cap of $100 million.

Rosters can be modified each week, but make sure yours is set by the 10:30 a.m. deadline each Monday morning. (And make sure you’re signed up and ready to go before games start on Sunday, April 4.)

In addition to selecting your roster, you can also join or create a League. These groups can be private (password required to join) or public, like the Orioles Buzz League, which is open for O’s Buzz readers to join. I won’t make any promises at the moment, but there might just be some additional prizes if you join in the Orioles Buzz league, so make sure you keep that in mind!

For more information, such as rules on scoring, trades, salaries, and deadlines, click here to read on and register.

Last year’s O’s winners told me they had a great time with MASN’s Fantasy Baseball Game, and maybe they’ll even chime in here to let you in on their experiences last season.

Good luck to all the O’s fans out there who join - Maybe I’ll even see you at lunch with Dave Trembley this fall!

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