More on the voice of Baltimore sports

If you haven’t read Steve Melewski’s article on former O’s and Colts broadcaster Chuck Thompson, it’s a nice tribute to a man (whom I think it’s fair to say) Charm City has missed since his passing now five years ago.

I’m a little too young to remember summer nights spent under the spell of Chuck Thompson’s voice over the radio, but my father certainly isn’t and I know he shares Steve’s sentiments toward the voice of Baltimore sports.

And I remember one summer when I was interning with the O’s, there was a counter that was occasionally scattered with O’s paraphernalia. The items were extras or freebies for anyone who wanted them, and about mid-summer a box of tapes (yes, tapes, not even CDs) appeared on the counter. They were tapes of Chuck Thompson calling an O’s game, and I took one for my dad.

When I handed him the tape later that evening, he looked at me like I’d just discovered an uncut diamond the size of a deck of cards and hadn’t realized what a precious thing I’d brought home. He still has the tape and manages to produce it, as if by Orioles magic, any time a tape player is in the vicinity, his face lighting up much like I’d imagine it did when he was a kid, listening to Chuck Thompson call a game live, a hand-held radio pressed to his ear like a pillow.

So after reading Steve’s post, I made an effort to find a clip or two of Chuck Thompson’s famous voice with the hope of embedding or linking to them here in the Orioles Buzz, but I wasn’t able to find one. When the divine power of Google let me down, I thought back to the tape I’d brought home for my dad and had to give him that it was at least a good find.

At least in the meantime, I found an old Baltimore Sun archive photo gallery of Chuck Thompson, but O’s fans, you tell me: Am I missing one somewhere, or can you really not find a clip of Chuck Thompson anywhere?

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