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A couple of pieces of Orioles info to note...

B-Rob's B-Log
You really can't miss out on Brian Roberts' latest video blog. B-Rob has serious plans to make this year's round of video blogs better than ever before, and this week's behind the scenes look at the Orioles clubhouse doesn't disappoint.


Click here to watch as B-Rob takes you on a personal tour of the O's stomping grounds when the team is at home - from the dugout to the player's lounge to Brian's (two!) lockers next to Nick Markakis's space in the back corner of the locker room.

I'll know you watched B-Rob's blog this week if you can tell me what the second baseman's locker is overflowing with on any given day...

Dave Trembley's take
Rivaling Brian Roberts' blog on is Dave Trembley's video journal. Check out Dave's latest video segment here to get inside the manager's head when a player on his roster gets hurt and goes on the disabled list.

It's All-Star time already
Though the All-Star break is still months away, it's already time to cast your vote (up to 25 times!) to help determine which of your O's will show up on this year's All-Star ballot later in the season.

Think of previous All-Stars like Miguel Tejada and Adam Jones or rock solid O's like Nick Markakis and catcher Matt Wieters. It's up to you O's fans to make sure their names make it to the 2010 ballot so we can vote them into this year's All-Star game when the time eventually comes.

This year's All-Star game is set to be played in Anaheim on July 13.

Orioles Magazine
In case you missed it when it was released, the first issue of the Orioles Magazine is available at the ballpark and online at

Don't miss the feature article on Brian Matusz; the magazine's new series "Talking Baseball" - where the O's Magazine breaks down baseball basics, such as a pitching delivery, execution of a bunt, and a hitter's swing; and the fun Q&A questions, like "What three items would you need to survive on a desert island?" and "What's the TV show you can't miss?"

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