The first Where in the Yard? winner of the 2010 season

It's hard to believe the first month of the baseball season has already played out - which means it's time for our first 'Where in the Yard?' winner of the 2010 season.

Congrats to Jeremy from Cumberland for the sweep! Throughout the weeks in April, he racked up every point possible - plus the bonus for identifying the tougher Babe Ruth plaque to boot.


So Jeremy should look out for an email from me and his MLB gift card in the mail soon to follow.

Want an MLB gift card of your own? Check back every Monday for the 'Where in the Yard?' photo challenge only in the Orioles Buzz.

Also, on top of a clean slate going into next week's 'Where in the Yard?', to help keep things interesting, I'll be giving out some extra bonus points during the next rounds as well.

Be the first fan to guess correctly Monday morning - bonus point. Make an attempt at every single image (even if you aren't sure of all the answers) - bonus point. Wow me with a trivia fact about the item in a particular week's image - bonus point.

Have an idea for even more bonus points that might help to keep the competition interesting? Send it my way using the comment box below, and who knows, there might even be an extra point in it for you too.

Or, if you have additional suggestions for the weekly 'Where in the Yard?' - I'm happy to hear 'em, also via the comment box below. Hope you're all still enjoying the Orioles Buzz, and as always, thanks for reading and Go O's!

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