Where in the Yard? (Updated w/Answer)

No matter the result in the win-loss column, did you enjoy the Orioles’ home opener at Camden Yards last Friday? Was it at least good to be back in the Yard again? - That one has to be a yes.

In any case, with all of you back at Oriole Park for games again, we’ll find out soon if it’s harder to stump you here in the Orioles Buzz for our weekly ‘Where in the Yard?’

This week’s image is another that requires you to know your way around Oriole Park, as it’s pretty obvious I’ve taken you to the Fan Assistance Center at Camden Yards. But where exactly is the Fan Assistance Center? If you needed to find it, would you know where to go?

As usual, submit your guesses using the comment box below, and I’ll update this post over the next few days to let you know who’s guessed right. If you don’t see your name, feel free to submit another guess - We give out bonus points here on occasion, but there’s no penalty for guessing more than once...Good Luck!


Update: Bob St and Lauren already have this one...

As well as Chris in Baltimore, John W., Tim Morris, bedman, Alex S., Heathir, Brandt (O’s fan), Glassman, Steve P, Scotty B., Jeremy from Cumberland, Zevi L., Avi M, Dom, Charles B from SP, and Oliver.

Answer: There were actually three possible answers this week, though this particular Fan Assistance Center is located at the north end of the Warehouse.

Many of you also knew where to find the remaining two Fan Assistance Centers located behind home plate on the Lower and Upper Level concourses. All three locations are open from the time the gates open until 30 minutes after the game ends, and fans can use them to get information, offer suggestions, and receive assistance with situations that occur during their visit to OPACY.

As usual, nice work O’s fans!

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