Where in the Yard? (Updated w/Answer)

Monday sure rolls around fast when summer finally hits, doesn’t it? But at least Monday always means one thing here in the Oriole Buzz on MASNsports.com - Another ‘Where in the Yard?’ photo challenge to get you through the day until the O’s take on the Mariners at Camden Yards tomorrow evening.

By now, many of you know the drill, but since it is Monday after all, we’ll review: Simply take a look at the photo below and let us know what the item is and where it’s located in or around Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

As an additional reminder, be the first to guess correctly or wow me with your creativity to earn extra points each week that might just give you the edge when it comes time to tally (for the chance to win an MLB gift card!) here at the end of May.

Good luck O’s fans...


Update: Lauren was the first to guess this week’s image correctly, so congrats for grabbing an extra point. Charles B from SP and Chris in Baltimore also guessed correctly and earned bonus points for throwing an extra fact in with their guesses.

And lastly for now, Lindsay also guessed correctly. Nice work O’s fans!

Also add Brandt (O’s fan), Bob St, Jeremy from Cumberland, Heathir, Avi M (+Bonus), Zevi L(+Bonus), John W., bedman, oliver, Scotty B, Amy, Wes in York, Dom and Olney Ogre to the list as well...

Answer: This week’s ‘Where in the Yard?’ took you down to the field level, right to the O’s on deck circle. Once you recognized the logo and the slightly lighter shade of green, the dusty footprints might have given it away. Good work to those of you who guessed correctly and even better for those who grabbed a bonus point or two!

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