Where in the Yard? (Updated w/Answer)

Welcome back for another week of ‘Where in the Yard?’ here in the Orioles Buzz. With the O’s home all week against Tampa Bay and Minnesota, you’ll even have the chance to make your way to the Yard to spot this week’s image!

Though many of you know the drill, if you’re joining us for the first time, the ‘Where in the Yard?’ photo contest goes something like this:

Take a look a the photo below and let us know what the item is and where it’s located in or around Oriole Park at Camden Yards. You can guess as many times as you need to, and you can even earn bonus points for being the first O’s fan to guess correctly, providing extra trivia about the item in the picture, or posting a photo of yourself with the item below on the MASNsports.com Facebook page. At the end of the month, we tally all the points to name a ‘Where in the Yard?’ winner, who earns an MLB gift card for their Orioles expertise.

So good luck Bird fans and Go O’s!


Update: It looks like I’ve stumped a few of you this week, but fayeber was the first O’s fan to guess correctly, followed by Zevi L, Charles B from SP, Chris in Baltimore, Avi M, Scotty B, Brandt (O’s fan), and Jeremy from Cumberland.

Answer: Since a handful of you posted your photos with this week’s ‘Where in the Yard?’ item on the MASNsports.com Facebook page, we’ll let one (or in this case, two) of you reveal the answer...


Pictured above are Scotty B (last month’s winner) and Chris in Baltimore (who’s making a strong bid for the July crown), next to one of the Orioles adorned recycling bins throughout Oriole Park. I loved Chris in Baltimore’s description of the photo as well: “Scotty B and myself in a pic posted on facebook. Or, as my wife said, ‘OK, so now you have a picture of the two of you and a trash can, can we go to the seats now?’” - It’s a dedicated fan who will pose next to a recycling bin for bonus points!

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