This week in O’s history

This particular week in the calendar year has seen some milestones for the O’s throughout the team’s history.

Going the farthest back and on this day in O’s history, Cal Ripken Jr. passed Steve Garvey for the third-longest consecutive games streak by playing his 1,280th straight game.

Cal and the O’s faced the Toronto Blue Jays on August 18, 1989, and the game was otherwise unremarkable for Cal, but the shortstop would of course go on to set a new major league record by playing in 2,632 consecutive games.


On August 19, 2008 Kevin Gracie of Ellicott City became the 50 millionth fan to attend a game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

To celebrate the occasion, the 24-year-old fan received five years worth of season tickets and a cash prize of $50,000.

Finally for this week in O’s history, on August 21, 1999, O’s outfielder Brady Anderson became only the third player in major league history to lead off both games of a doubleheader with a home run.

Also on August 21 - but in 2001 - then O’s Triple-A affiliate, the Rochester Red Wings played a game against then Expos’ affiliate, the Ottawa Lynx in which Tim Rains and his son, Tim Jr., faced each other as opponents. It is believed to be the first time a father and son faced each other during a regular season game on the professional level.

That last one is somewhat out of left field, but it’s interesting, so I threw it in there with the rest of them.

Do you know of something that happened this week in O’s history? Do you have an O’s story of your own from around this time of year? Share either one or both using the comment box below...

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