Where in the Yard? (Updated w/Answer)

As Birdland welcomes new O’s manager Buck Showalter, the Orioles Buzz welcomes you back for another fresh crack at the MLB gift card ‘Where in the Yard?’ winners earn for sharing their expertise of all things Oriole Park.

As usual, just take a look at the photo below and let us know (using the comment box below) what the item is and where it’s located in or around Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Once you’ve submitted your guess, it’ll be held until Wednesday to avoid giving away the correct answer, but be sure to check back to see if your name has made the list of those who guessed correctly.

Good Luck O’s fans, and Don’t Forget: If you’re near a TV or a computer this afternoon, you can get an early look at the team’s new skipper, as Buck Showalter’s introductory press conference will be aired live on MASN and steamed live on our Orioles page at Orioles.MASNsports.com at noon today.


Update: Charles B from SP was our first O’s fan to guess correctly this week, followed by Avi M, fayber, Zevi L, Scotty B, Dom, Chris in Baltimore, Oliver, Jeremy from Cumberland, Brandt (O’s fan), Dave, Wes in York, Amy, Lauren, and Jed...

Answer: Rather than just giving you the answer, I thought I’d point out how this week’s image ties a couple of ‘Where in the Yard?’ items together:

If you stand at the location of June’s final ‘Where in the Yard?’ photo, you’ll be standing right about where I was when this week’s image was taken.

From that spot, if you look toward the Warehouse, you’ll see one of the “Warehouse B” signs painted into the side of the building, which of course is the correct answer for this week’s round.

Also right around that spot, but five stories up, is the MASNsports.com WebStudio where the Orioles Buzz and its ‘Where in the Yard?’ photo contest are created.

So it’s not the full “six degrees of separation” but you get the picture...

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