Where in the Yard? (Updated w/Answer)

If you made it out to the Yard during the last homestand, you undoubtedly saw this week’s image all over Oriole Park. The question each week is - Where?

As usual, take a look at the photo below and let us know what the item is and we’re it’s located in or around Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Get your guess in early to grab the bonus point for being the first O’s fan to guess correctly, or post a picture of yourself next to the item below on the MASNsports.com Facebook page to grab extra points for going the extra mile.

Good luck O’s fans!


Update: Charles B from SP not only hit the nail on the head, but he was the first O’s fan to identify this week’s ‘Where in the Yard?’ image.

Avi M, Wes in York, Austin, Zevi L, Woelps, Lauren, Scotty B, Bob St, baensor (o’s fan), fayeber, Heathir, and LegendCB5 have it as well...

Answer: This week’s image captured the everyday sight of one of the food/beer vendor carts that line Eutaw Street at Oriole Park. The silver edge at the top of the photo revealed a hint of the counter, and the cobblestones peeking out at the corners gave an indication of the location on Eutaw Street at the Yard.

Congrats to those who recognized this week’s image, and stay tuned for one more round before we close out the month of August and name another ‘Where in the Yard?’ winner here in the Orioles Buzz!

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