Did you see...

...the segment that ran on O’s Xtra last night with Brady Anderson and Luke Scott?

Former Oriole Brady Anderson headed into the batting cages with current O’s slugger Luke Scott to work through a hitting drill and to take a look at Scott’s home run swing.

It’s a short video, but fun to get a behind the scenes look at a former Oriole working casually in the cages with a current player, and knowing how methodical Scott’s approach to the game is, it’s neat to have an inside look at how he prepares at the plate.

If you missed the segment last night, you can watch it below:

For another look behind the scenes of the indoor batting cages at Oriole Park, check out Brian Roberts’ video blog from a few weeks ago. The O’s leadoff hitter takes you inside the cages and offers up a one-on-one hitting lesson.

In addition to some tips and tricks, B-Rob also shares a story of one incident in the cages that helped him see how valuable simple hitting drills can still be, even to a major leaguer.

You can watch Brian Roberts’ blog from the batting cages by visiting B-Rob’s B-Log here.

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