Our final ‘Where in the Yard?’ winner for the 2010 season

After months of competition, we have a first here in the O’s Buzz in awarding our final ‘Where in the Yard?’ winner of the 2010 season.

Amazingly, we haven’t had any ties for the lead or repeat winners - at least until now.

In beating the rest of Birdland to the punch three our of the four weeks in September (and thus securing an extra bonus point in three of the four rounds), Charles B from SP took home his second ‘Where in the Yard?’ crown during the final month of the Orioles’ 2010 season.

The bonus points promised to the O’s fan who guessed each image correctly before anyone else put Charles ahead of the pack at the end of the tallying in September, so Congrats once again to Charles B from SP! (No need to keep an eye out for an email from me to collect your full name and address - Just keep an eye out for another MLB gift card headed your way.)

Great work to everyone who participated this month and throughout the last 162-plus days, and I hope you enjoyed the first full season of ‘Where in the Yard?’ only here in the Orioles Buzz on MASNsports.com!

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