Quick O’s Notes

Brian Roberts and Jake Fox made an appearance at BWI Airport today, but don’t worry, you didn’t miss a chance to see this pair of Birds in person.

The event wasn’t open to the public, but Roberts and Fox participated in the Southwest Airlines “Trading Places” promotion today. The Orioles announced that B-Rob and Fox would be trying their hands at a variety of jobs carried out by Southwest employees at BWI.

I don’t have any further details to pass along, but if I get my hands on some, I’ll be sure to post something here in the Orioles Buzz.

Also in an event not open to the public, Craig Tatum visited patients at the Johns Hopkins Children Center from noon to 1:00 p.m. today.

So even if you don’t always see them, the O’s are out there in the community; but if you’re starting to feel left out and want some contact of your own with the O’s, join us here on MASNsports.com this Friday starting at noon for a pair of live video chats with Orioles Jeremy Guthrie and Adam Jones.

Also coming your way on Friday will be a new video blog from second baseman Brian Roberts. The event at the airport and a treatment schedule for his hip pushed his next post until later in the week; but you’ll have plenty to start your weekend on, so make sure you check back come week’s end for some appearances here by some of your favorite Orioles.

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