The Best Around Oriole Park

Yahoo! is teaming up with to provide a feature on teams’ official websites called “Best around the Ballparks”.

In this case, of course, we’re talking about the “Best Around Oriole Park”. Yahoo! and have teamed up to give their top five restaurants, bars, places to park, and attractions close to the Yard.

If you aren’t a frequent fan, the following list might help you plan a day at the ballpark, and if you are an everyday O’s fan, you might have your own thoughts to add.

There’s no indication of the criteria used to selected these 18-odd places (as a couple are actually repeats), so I can’t tell you how they arrived at each of their top five’s - I’m just passing them along.

Take a look at the lists below and let us know what you think (or what your top five’s would be, if you think theirs are way off base) using the comment box below. I’ve added my own thoughts alongside a few of their suggestions, so feel free to chime in on those as well.

-Harbor Place - Light & Pratt Street Pavilions
-Diamond Tavern - (If you can forgive the Hilton for ruining the outfield skyline at Oriole Park, the food here is actually pretty good. I wouldn’t head here if you’re pinched for time, but they have a nice outdoor seating area and some sort of chocolate waffle dessert that makes my mouth water just to think about.)
-Pickles Pub - (If for no other reason, this place is practically a landmark. Grabbing a bite or a beer at Pickles before a game is as close to tailgating as you’ll get at Oriole Park.)
-Frank & Nic’s West End Grill
-California Tortilla - (I’d consider stopping here if you’re pinched for time, but probably only if you’re looking for a quick meal before heading into the ballpark. It’s fast and close to the Yard, but this probably wouldn’t make my own top five out of all the restaurants near Camden Yards.)

-Pickles Pub
-Sliders Bar & Grill - (I believe it’s “771 feet from home plate” and you’ll find it’s often packed with fans and media and front office members after a game - especially a win.)
-Diamond Tavern
-Camden Pub - (I’d be interested to know how many of you have heard of or been to the Camden Pub before. It’s a little more off the beaten path (not directly across the street from the stadium like Pickles or Sliders), but it’s not a long walk from the ballpark. If you haven’t been there, it’s definitely worth checking out for a bite before or after a game. If you’re a buffalo chicken kind of person, I’d highly recommend their buffalo chicken wrap, and the fries are worth every calorie.)
-Downtown Sports Exchange

-Oriole Park at Camden Yards/Central Parking
-Central Parking System
-PMS Parking
-Baltimore City Parking Authority
-Edison Parking

(I’m at a loss in this section - I work at the ballpark, and thus, park at the ballpark; so you guys tell me - did they do a good job here?)

-Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards - (Pretty convenient, considering it shares a plaza with Camden Yards, and it’s not limited to just baseball or the O’s.)
-Babe Ruth Museum - (Fun, fast, and easy to find - not to mention, the Camden Pub is nearby in case you wanted to knock two things off your list in one trip.)
-National Aquarium in Baltimore - (My first impression after going through the Aquarium for the first time as an adult: This is a lot shorter than I remember as a kid! But really, does a place like this ever get old?)
-Geppi’s Entertainment Museum
-Maryland Science Center

For addresses to any of these locations, click here to browse the lists on

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