Keep the O’s spirit alive in October

One day the O’s spirit will be alive in October during a playoff run that will have Baltimore buzzing. But for this year, Birdland will settle for a remarkably strong finish under new Orioles skipper Buck Showalter and the eternal hope of the offseason and eventually spring training.

So if your O’s enthusiasm is still running high and you’re looking to ease the cold turkey feeling that comes with the end of the season, spice up your fall decorations with an Orioles carved pumpkin.

Once again, the O’s have made a four-pack of Orioles Pumpkin Stencils available for fans to download from

Choose from the “Baltimore” or “Orioles” script logos, as well as the cartoon Bird and “O’s” logo stencils.

Simply click on the stencil of your choice to download the template. (You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the .pdf files, and there’s a link to a free download if you don’t already have the program installed on your computer.) Then follow the directions included at the bottom of the page to carve your pumpkin Orioles style.

In the meantime, have any of you used these stencils before or carved your own O’s pumpkins for Halloween? I’d love to see some creatively carved O’s pumpkins, and I’m sure they’re out there. I especially remember one Halloween that my fellow Buzz writer, Kristen Hudak carved a pumpkin with the likeness of Manny Acta when he was still skipper of the Nationals. Think you can match her carving expertise with an image of Buck Showalter or another of your favorite Orioles?

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