Anthony Amobi: Guerrero has been an entertaining addition for O’s

Most fans know that Vladmir Guerrero will be headed to the Hall of Fame at some point.

Guerrero’s tenure with the Baltimore Orioles will be a pit stop en route to baseball immortality in a career filled with a World Series appearance, big hits, a golden arm and the ability to hit the ball thrown anywhere within a hitter’s zone, or out of it. At one time, he rivaled anyone in the sport’s history before his knees gave out.

Any coach in the sport would never teach Guerrero’s approach at the plate; however, it works for him and it has done wonders in his career.

When it was announced that the Orioles had signed him to a one-year deal before spring training, I personally wondered if he had anything left in his bat, considering how he struggled in the second half of 2010.

Plus, Guerreo’s play in San Francisco during the 2010 World Series - mainly, in the outfield - left little to the imagination what teams would be dealing with if he was not re-signed by the Texas Rangers. Simply put, Guerrero is now a prototypical, all-or-nothing batter.

It’s always a risk when you sign an older player and the chances of them falling on their face are far better than finding a diamond in the rough.

If you look what’s happening in New York with the Yankees - case studies: Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada - one would wonder why the Orioles wanted an aging slugger in the first place.

So far, Guerrero looks to be far from washed up. We have seen over the past few years, once you hit the wrong side of 30 in baseball, things can be dicey.

Obviously, the Orioles did not sign him to play in the field, but to hit and do it well. At the moment, their investment is paying off.

As we know, Texas didn’t pick up him again and no one else really cared to take him - well, except the Orioles. Some people didn’t like the move, including a lot of my fellow bloggers; however, at the moment, he’s been killing it at the plate as the weather has heated up.

During his time in an Orioles uniform, Guerrero has been very fun to watch. Now the man takes some ugly swings at the plate, but when he connects, he swings - and does so very hard.

When Guerrero does, it really helps the Orioles. Although he’s not delivered as much on the power front, we all saw Sunday why the team signed him to his current deal.

On Sunday, his ferocious swing led the Orioles to a 2-1 win over the Nationals, and he helped his team take two of three games in the series after a very ugly week.

I’d be surprised if Guerrero remained in Baltimore throughout the season, if he keeps rolling at this rate, one would think he would serve as a hired gun for a contender, as the Orioles would perhaps trade him for some prospects.

The Orioles will not be contenders for the American League pennant in 2011 and Guerrero isn’t a bat that will be a big difference maker. However, they won’t be as bad as they were last season, either.

In the end, Guerrero is certainly not part of the future of the organization; however, he’s making things very entertaining right now.

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