Announcing our rotation of guest bloggers for season’s second half

By now, you’re used to coming to each morning for the best in Orioles coverage. That includes our initiative of welcoming guest bloggers to our pages, and their contributions during the season’s first half added both new voices and divergent viewpoints to our ongoing discussion of all things orange and black.

Guest bloggers - those who reside into what’s become knows as the “blogOsphere” - will continue to be a part of our site after the All-Star break, too. But instead of having them contribute a week’s worth of posts on a rotating basis, we’re going to have a different blogger writing each weekday.

Some of the voices will be familiar from their participation during the first half, while others have been called in from the bullpen. First things first: Our thanks to Stacey Long of Camden Chat and Anthony Amobi of Oriole Post, first-half contributors who are taking the second half off (but who will hopefully contribute when their schedules permit).

Matthew Taylor of Roar from 34 and Heath Bintliff of Dempsey’s Army will return to our lineup. They will be joined by Lauren Tilley of BirdsWatcher, Daniel Moroz of Camden Crazies and James Baker of Oriole Post.

Our second-half coverage will commence July 14, when the Orioles begin the second half by opening a four-game series against Cleveland, with Bintliff getting the call. He’ll be followed Friday, July 15 by Baker. The regular weekday rotation begins the following week with Taylor, Tilley and Moroz in the first three spots in the blogging order.

We’ve been pleased with the response the guest bloggers have gotten and hope you’ll continue to read their thoughts. So enjoy the All-Star break and get ready for the second half!

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