Lauren Tilley: Rooting against the O’s?

This is a very rare and difficult blog for me to write. I had a discussion with some friends today asking what in the world I should write about. I’ve discussed the endless pitching problems in many articles, as well as my problems with the management and entire front office, coaching, and training staff. What’s next to complain about? As James Baker discussed in his recent guest blog, why do we even watch anymore? I’ve never thought of that question, just like many of the people he surveyed. We all know how pathetic this team is and has been for more than a decade now. I can’t remember a winning season; I was too young. And now, as the Orioles try their hardest to lose 100-plus games this season, I have a completely different thought for these next few days.

I may actually root against the Orioles. Don’t say I’m not a real fan or anything like that, folks. I’ve been a diehard O’s fan before I can even remember, much to the amusement of every Phillies fan in the area where I live. Yes, that’s right, I bear the unimaginable suffering of rooting for one of the worst teams in the league every year while being surrounded by people rooting for one of the best teams in baseball every year (at least recently).

So why am I considering rooting against the Orioles? Since we know they will not make a playoff run, the only thing left to look forward to in the month of October (besides my birthday on Sept. 26) is rooting for whatever team is playing the Yankees and/or Red Sox. I don’t know about you all, but my biggest problem in playoff baseball is when the Yanks and Red Sox play each other; I’m not sure who to root against.

However, the Orioles may have a way to prevent that conundrum from occurring. Unfortunately, it will only happen if they lose to the Rays. They’ve already lost one in the series yesterday, allowing the Rays to miraculously pull within three games of the wild card spot. I don’t know about you, but I would willingly take a few extra losses to see the Rays steal a playoff run away from the early AL and World Series favorite Red Sox. I know you’re smiling at the thought.

So what’s a few extra nights starting with optimism (why are we even still somewhat hopeful?) and ending with that all-too-familiar feeling of being run over by a truck? To me, it’s nothing. At least we know we’ll be screwing up the Red Sox’s plans and another ring in some way or another, right?

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