Tweaking the guest blogging rotation for season’s second half

The second half of the 2012 season is right around the corner - Friday the 13th baseball at Camden Yards, anyone? - and that’s a good time to talk about some changes to our rotation of guest bloggers.

Since introduced the guest blogger initiative at the start of the 2011 campaign, it’s been wildly successful. We’ve been able to highlight the thoughts and opinions of some of the best local and regional Orioles-centric bloggers out there, and our Web traffic and comments indicate you like reading their unique takes on what’s happening in Birdland.

Just to change things up, we’re tweaking our starting five, the handful of guest bloggers who will write weekdays during the second half. It all starts Friday, when Matthew Taylor of Roar from 34 kicks off the post-All-Star break lineup.

Beginning next week, you’ll notice a couple of new names in the mix. Domenic Vadala of Birds Watcher will write on Mondays, and be followed by Zach Wilt of Baltimore Sports Report on Tuesdays. Neal Shaffer of The Loss Column is your Wednesday holdover and James Baker of Oriole Post returns to reprise his second-half blogging on Thursdays.

We hope you’ll spend some time acquainting yourself with our newcomers, while returning to read our veteran guest bloggers. And if you have a suggestion for someone who might be a good guest blogging prospect for 2013, feel free to leave their name and a link to their blog in the comments section.

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