Matthew Taylor: Five-game win streaks are the new Oriole Way

The Orioles are masters of the five-game win streak. After stringing together a then-season-best four-game win streak in late April, the O’s have posted five-game win streaks in every month since.

The Orioles’ five-game win streaks are more different than they are alike, although some patterns have emerged. Here are five facts about the O’s five-game win streaks:

* All but one of the Orioles’ five-game win streaks have included two extra-inning victories. Among these are two extra-inning wins in Boston, two at home versus Philadelphia, one in Kansas City, one in Washington, one at Tampa Bay and one at Seattle. Overall, eight of the Orioles’ 12 extra-inning victories in 2012 have come during a five-game win streak.

* No pitcher who earned a victory during the Orioles’ first five-game win streak is currently in the starting rotation. The Orioles won five straight games from May 1 to May 6 to conclude an early season, six-game road trip to New York and Boston. The winning pitchers during that streak were Brian Matusz, Jake Arrieta, Troy Patton, Jason Hammel and Chris Davis. Two of those pitchers are currently at Triple-A Norfolk, two are injured and one is currently the team’s designated hitter.

* No pitcher has won a game during every five-game win streak. Fifteen pitchers have earned victories in the 25 games the Orioles have won during their five-game win streaks. The winning pitchers have been Wei-Yin Chen (four wins), Matusz (two), Arrieta (two), Luis Ayala (two), Darren O’Day (two), Tommy Hunter (two), Kevin Gregg (two), Chris Tillman (two), Hammel (two), Patton, Davis, Miguel Gonzalez, Zach Britton and Steve Johnson.

* The Orioles have beaten 10 different teams during their five-game win streaks. The only team that the Orioles have faced during more than one of their win streaks is the Yankees, who lost two games as part of the Orioles’ first five-game win streak and one game as part of the O’s second five-game win streak.

* The Orioles have beaten good teams and expensive teams during their five-game win streaks. The Orioles have three wins against New York (first place and baseball’s largest payroll), three wins against Boston (baseball’s third-largest payroll), two wins against Washington (first place, best record in baseball), three wins against Pittsburgh (third place), two wins at Tampa Bay (second place) and two wins against Philadelphia (baseball’s second-largest payroll).

Here’s hoping the Orioles’ run of consecutive months with a five-game win streak continues in September.

Matthew Taylor blogs about the Orioles at Roar from 34. His ruminations about the Birds appear as part of’s season-long initiative of welcoming guest bloggers to our site. All opinions expressed are those of the guest bloggers, who are not employed by but are just as passionate about their baseball as our roster of writers.

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