Orange, black and cartoon birds reign in ESPN’s “Battle of the Uniforms”

Don’t underestimate the black and orange.

More than 147,000 votes were cast in the final round of ESPN’s “Battle of the Uniforms.” Facing the No. 1 seeded Cardinals, the Orioles emerged as champions after fans voted for the cartoon bird over the Redbirds by a final percentage of 59 to 41.

But it didn’t start there. The Orioles entered the competition as a No. 13 seed, which begs the question: “Have you seen the orange alternates?” Regardless, they started off the battle by facing the Astros, taking down Houston in landslide fashion by a final score of 79 percent to 21 percent.

Moving on, the O’s faced a tough opponent in the clean, classic Detroit uniforms, which were ranked the No. 1 seed in the American League. However, the Cinderella story continued for the Birds, as they earned six percent more of the votes than the Tigers.

Then it came down to a battle in the East: the black-and-orange alternates and the classic white uniforms with orange script versus none other than New York pinstripes.

Ranked No. 2, the Yankees proved no match to the O’s, falling with just 41 percent of the vote. Finally, the Orioles proved in decisive fashion that they had the best uniforms in baseball by topping St. Louis.

So Orioles fans, represent your team with pride. You sure do look the best doing so.

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