The other Ruth’s Cafe

Anyone who’s ever taken the Camden Yards tour knows this little nugget of Babe Ruth trivia: A cafe owned by the Babe’s father, called Ruth’s Cafe, operated on West Conway Street, roughly where Adam Jones currently patrols center field during home games.

But did you know there was another Ruth’s Cafe, also run by the Sultan of Swat’s father and reportedly bought and paid for with the Bambino’s winner’s share from the 1915 World Series? The building still exists, and alcohol is still served there - though it’s now a - how shall we say this? - gentleman’s club.

Author David Stinson noted on his blog that the three-story brick building at 38 S. Eutaw St. was also where Babe and Helen Ruth lived during the winter of 2015-16, after the Red Sox won the Fall Classic. Last summer, I introduced you to Stinson, whose book, “Deadball, A Metaphysical Baseball Novel,” was perfect poolside reading during vacation in Ocean City, Md.

Tragically, George Herman Ruth Sr. died on the sidewalk outside the building after trying to break up a brawl. His death came only two years after his son bought the building.

Check out Stinson’s blog for the only known photograph of Babe and his father, behind the South Eutaw Street tavern during the holiday season (the tinsel and garland are a dead giveaway). And if you’re looking for some baseball-themed summer reading, you won’t be disappointed by “Deadball.”

“The past is all around us,” notes Stinson. “We just need to know where to look.”

He’s right. And all we have to do is be aware and pay attention in order to learn.

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