#NoOffseason takes a look at Schoop’s impact on his native Curaçao

It’s the offseason, and even though players try their best to rest and decompress, they don’t get too far away from baseball.

Take Orioles second baseman Jonathan Schoop, for example. Coming off a career year in which he slashed .293/.338/.503 with career highs of 32 home runs and 105 RBIs, Schoop has been busy readying himself for next season in his native Curaçao.

Thumbnail image for schoop-machado-pumped-gray.pngBut there’s only so much time for workouts and preparation. And part of Schoop’s offseason has been spent in his native country, giving back to young players who idolize him like he once idolized countryman Andruw Jones.

As part of Major League Baseball’s #NoOffseason campaign highlighting how players stay in shape and put in work in their communities, Schoop agreed to let MLB cameras follow him while he connected with baseball-crazy kids in Curaçao - often on the same fields he prowled as a youngster.

Here’s a sample of how Schoop has been spending his offseason after his stellar campaign earned him Most Valuable Oriole honors:

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