“MASN All Access” podcast: How Michael Taylor creates other birds as the Orioles logo

You’ve seen them on Twitter. You’ve liked them and shared them with your fellow Orioles fans. But exactly how do those pictures of other birds as the Orioles logo come to fruition?

Paul and I have a special guest on this edition of the “MASN All Access” podcast, as Michael Taylor, founder and creater of the Other Birds as the Orioles Logo account on Twitter (@SmilingBirdLogo), joins us via Skype to discuss his artistic creations that have taken Birdland by storm.

MAA-podcast-logo-sidebar.jpgMichael gives us the background story of how this popular Twitter account came to be, how he goes about making other birds into the Orioles cartoon logo and where he draws his inspiration from.

You may be surprised to learn Michael is actually a St. Petersburg native and Rays fan, but he told us he enjoys using his graphic design skills to create different versions the Orioles logo. Of course, we also talk baseball, specifically the Orioles, Rays and American League East.

If you haven’t checked out Michael’s creations already, do yourself a favor and give @SmilingBirdLogo a follow for some great Orioles-themed content. You can also give Michael a follow on Twitter (@MichaelDanger19).

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