March results aren’t always relevant

There is little if anything less relevant in baseball than a team’s won-loss record during the exhibition season.

If you’re a longtime fan, you already know that. Yet, it seems many fans get all bent out of shape if their team doesn’t come blasting out of the gates March 1.

In 2008 spring training, the Nats and Phillies finished with identical 12-18 records. As I recall, the regular season was a far different story.

Conversely, the Rays finished atop the ‘08 Grapefruit League at 18-8, yet no one believed at that point it meant anything insofar as the regular season went. Just about every national scribe picked them for 4th place in the AL East, some 5th place, behind Baltimore.

There aren’t even Las Vegas lines on exhibition baseball. That should tell you all you need to know.