A pretty good week in NatsTown

Anybody got a fresh take on the Strasburg scenario?

I sure don’t. Just when I think I do, I read another columnist’s work, and there goes my thought.

How’s this? Just to give the evening an edge, Strasburg takes the field wearing number 29, instead of his familiar 37. Sort of a Michael Jordan redux, when his airness returned to the Bulls after a stint in minor league baseball wearing number 45 instead of his trademark 23. I can’t imagine MLB’s licensing arm would be real happy about that.

Or, how about Stephen hits a couple of Pirates in the top of the first and gets ejected, a la John Lannan’s debut in 2007 in Philadelphia? Lannan was only the fifth player in history to be ejected in his debut, and I don’t think there’s been one since. There’s a Sportscenter highlight for you.

Stephen should be suitably impressed to find out there’s a town in Virginia named for him. That the good citizens of Strasburg were so prophetic to do so more than 200 years ago speaks volumes, doesn’t it? Apparently they’re willing to add “Stephen” to the name on days he actually visits there.

Oh, and then there’s the draft. First pick Bryce Harper has been saying for months how anxious he is to begin his professional career. Bryce, meet Drew Storen, who said the same thing and signed the next day. That’s worked out pretty well so far, no?

Announcing Harper as an outfielder had to make Derek Norris sleep a little better last night. Norris, thought to be the Nats’ backstop-of-the-future, has struggled somewhat offensively at Potomac this year. Maybe now he’ll be more relaxed at the plate.

What do you say, pretty fun week in Natstown?

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