Strasburg joining the TJ fraternity

The news today that Stephen Strasburg is likely out for the next 12-15 months for Tommy John surgery can’t be much of a shock. For a 21st century pitcher who throws that hard, it seems almost an inevitability.

The list of successful returns from the TJ procedure is long and impressive, and includes two guys you’ve seen this week in opposing uniforms: Ryan Dempster of the Cubs and Chris Carpenter of the Cardinals.

You saw Tim Hudson make the All-Star team this year, along with Arthur Rhodes. They’re both TJ alums. I’m sure there are many others, but you get the drift.

Given Strasburg’s commitment to conditioning, I have no doubt he’ll return with the speed of Jordan Zimmermann, back on the big league mound after 13 months.

I’m sure there are multiple posters out there who will try and attach blame to someone, but maybe these things are destined to happen anyway. The Nationals have multiple candidates for the 2011 rotation, and now, multiple candidates for the Opening Day start next year as well.

The TJ patient roster seems to be getting younger and younger. There’s a message in there somewhere; I’m not qualified to determine what it is yet, but someone with a better knowledge of physiology/kinesiology will surely come up with it.