And the winner is...

Just to be contrary, I’m picking the Giants to go all the way this year.

Game one is still in progress as I write this and they’re up 1-zip over Atlanta behind Tim Lincecum. Nonetheless, I like their pitching staff, and in this short opening series, I think they’ll tame the Braves in four games.

Lincecum would win, hands down, a Monti Rock III look-alike contest. Monti, a hairdresser who fancied himself a vocalist, used to show up on the old Merv Griffin Show in the 1960’s and later on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. He wasn’t much of a singer really, but he had an outrageous personality. It was like waiting for a car crash when he’d be on TV.

If you’re under 50 you probably don’t know the name at all, but perhaps you remember a short-lived disco act called “Disco Tex and his Sex-O-Lettes” who charted a couple of records during the disco era. That was Monti. He went on to appear as a DJ in the film “Saturday Night Fever.”

You really need to find a 60’s vintage photo of Monti to see the resemblance to Lincecum, with the long locks, and I know I’m not the first to have noticed.

One other thing about the Giants: they’re one of just a handful of teams who wear a jersey - at home - with just a number on the back, no name. It’s a nice, vintage look, but whoever is doing the needlework is mounting the numbers too low. They’re stitched on low enough to either put the player’s name on the back or sell advertising above the number. The top of the number should be attached roughly 5-and-a-half inches beneath the top of the rear collar. The Yankees, who will likely never, ever put the player’s names on the back, do it right, as do the Red Sox at home. It shouldn’t be that difficult - it’s been an industry standard for decades.