Foli leaving organization

Sources close to the situation tell that Tim Foli, the Nationals’ Senior Assistant to the General manager for Player Development, is leaving the organization.

The former journeyman big league shortstop spent six seasons with the Nationals’ organization, including four years as manager of their Triple A affiliate.

Foli spent all or part of 16 seasons as a big league infielder, with the Mets, Expos, Giants, Pirates, Angels and Yankees, batting .251 in 1,696 games. He also coached for nine years in the major leagues.

In 2010 Foli appeared to be part of the big league coaching staff, suiting up before every game and throwing BP, hitting fungoes and the like, rather than spending time with their minor league affiliates, which is what his title suggested.

Foli was also one of the last vestiges of the Jim Bowden regime.